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Knotting Involves Tying Threads Together and is Used in Making Macrame

 Spread Tow is a production method where the yarn is spread into thin tapes, and then the digitizing tapes are woven as warp and weft.

This method is mostly used for composite materials; spread tow fabrics can be made in carbon,aramide, etc.
Braiding or plaiting involves twisting threads together into cloth.
Knotting involves tying threads together and is used in making macrame.
Lace is made by interlocking threads together independently, using a backing and any of the methods described above, to create a fine fabric with open holes in the work.
Lace can be made by either hand or embroidery digitizing machine.
The university has a very rich collection of about 1,50,000 books and journals.
These books and journals include technical and non-technical books.
The library is open every working day from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
Access is open to all but only teachers, students and staff of the university can borrow books.
The university offers a large range of consultancies focusing on the industry need.
It allows testing, suggestion, research and upgradation of any textile raw materials or machinery.
Mechanical instruments and textile automation related testing and support is also provided with high quality assurance.
The university has a decade old fame for providing a huge number of textile industries with solutions and technical support.
In 1993 employers in Bangladesh' ready-made garment (RMG) industry dismissed 50,000 children (c. 75 percent of child workers in the textile industry) out of fear of economic reprisals of the imminent passage of the Child Labor Deterrence Act (the Harkin Bill after Senator Tom Harkin, one of the US Senators who proposed the bill). 
The act which banned "importation to the United States of products which are manufactured or mined in whole or in part by children" would have resulted in the loss of lucrative American contracts.
Its impact on Bangladesh's economy would have been significant as the export-oriented ready-made garment industry represents most of the country's exports.

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