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The most favorable price is for saving your cost and gaining most profits for your embroidery business.

New Order (Plain Embroidery)
1000 stitches
US$2.50  (within 24 hours)
First trial order
50%-off if over 5,000s
No Minimum charge
Maximum charge
US$150 (within 24 hours)
Urgent service
Special Embroidery
US$5.00/1000 stitches
(no minimum or maximum charge)


Minor Editing
Major Editing
US$2.50/1000 stitches
Editing Files not made by
Love Embroidery Digitizing
US$2.50/1,000 stitches
(charge for over stitches)
Format Conversion

 More Orders, More Discounts!
We provide most of free editing except changing your mind on original artwork totally, or adding extra part, or changing the size too much, we have to charge the cost or the additional cost since we need to re-digitize the logos to keep the high quality.
To guarantee the quality of logos, generally, we can't edit on the existing files (not digitized by LOVE Embroidery Digitizing Center) except add extra part on your existing files or you can supply the original file by digitizer, not the converted file .So that why we always suggest our customers to re-digitize the quality problem part.
High quality is the first thing we pursued, however, as far as possible to ensure that the interests of its clients. Overall, we do our best to provide free editing without the quality compromised.
Thanks for visiting LOVE Embroidery Digitizing! We'll do our best to exceed your expectations.

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