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Sewing was Portrayed as A Way to be A Good Mother and An Attractive and Thrifty Wife

 In June 2015 after a two-year investigation homicide charges were filed against 42 people in the 2013 collapse of a factory Rana Plaza that killed more than 1,136 people in April 2013. 

Sohel Rana, the building owner, Refat Ullah, mayor at the time of the incident along with owners of five garment factories located in the Rana Plaza, and "dozens of local council officials and engineers" were charged with culpable homicide, "which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison under Bangladeshi law."
The Industrial Revolution changed the whole industry.
Women started to sew less because it became more affordable to purchase well-made digitizing clothing from stores.
Fabric retailers found that they needed to convince women to return to their sewing embroidery digitizing machines, so the companies devised a variety of strategies to revitalize sewing.
A theme that many retailers employed was to send out the message that sewing not only saved money and let them explore their personal style, but was also a way to be feminine and show gracefulness.
The creative process often begins with different art mediums to map concepts for the finished product.
Traditionally, drawings of woven textile patterns were translated onto special forms of graph paper called point papers, which were used by the weavers in setting up their looms.

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