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Stölzl Became the Weaving Master in 1925 When Bauhaus Relocated to Dessau

 Germaine Greer, of who advocates for the connection of women, nature, and craft.

She argued that women's craft should be in the home because it is a living art, not in a gallery or museum because it is a dead male culture, supporting the use of textiles in different settings, of which craftivism almost always employs.
In texts such as Hoopla: The art of Unexpected Embroidery, written by Leanne Prain, she interviews fiber artists from all around the world working with different styles and materials about their contemporary practices within contemporary art and commercial embroidery digitizing design.
The book is a documentation of interviews with many different fiber artists from around the world.
All of the interviews are tailored to each different artist, however one question that Leanne Prain keeps asking is "Do you believe that your gender or social class has any bearing on your attraction to and involvement with needlework?"
Many artists in the book do identify as feminists.
Gunta Stölzl was a German textile artist who played a fundamental role in the development of the Bauhausschool’s weaving workshop.
She created immense change within the textile field by uniting art practices taught at Bauhaus with traditional textile techniques and became the first woman Master at the school.
In her teaching, Gunta applied ideas from modern art that she acquired in the classes of Johannes Itten (color theory), Paul Klee (visual thinking) and Wassily Kandinsky (abstract art) into a new weaving practice.
Her and other students took courses and learned the craft outside of the school, soon becoming experts.
Lack of technical guidelines at the Bauhaus School allowed her and her colleagues to experiment with different materials and digitizing techniques, changing traditional textile and weaving techniques.
Weaving practices at the department soon became of a more functional nature following the needs of contemporary industrial design.
Under her direction, Bauhaus Weaving Workshop became one of its most successful facilities.

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