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Clothes are Made in Small Quantities to Guarantee Exclusivity, So They are Rather Expensive
Ready-to-wear clothes are a cross between haute couture and mass market.
They are not made for individual customers, but great care is taken in the choice and cut of the fabric.
Ready-to-wear collections are usually presented by fashion embroidery digitizing houses each season during a period known as Fashion Week.
This takes place on a city-wide basis and occurs twice a year.
The main seasons of Fashion Week include, spring/summer, fall/winter, resort, swim, and bridal.
To date, no link has yet been found between a quipu and Quechua, the native language of the Peruvian Andes.
This suggests that quipus are not a glottographic writing system and have no phonetic referent.
Frank Salomon at the University of Wisconsin has argued that quipus are actually a semasiographic language, a system of representative symbols—such as music notation or numerals—that relay information but are not directly related to the speech sounds of a particular language.
The Khipu Database Project (KDP), begun by Gary Urton, may have already decoded the first word from a quipu—the name of a village, Puruchuco, which Urton believes was represented by a three-number sequence, similar to a ZIP code.
If this conjecture is correct, quipus are the only known example of a complex language recorded in a 3-D system.
“We have a lot of hair,” Saundra Taylor of the Lilly Library told ‘’The New York Times’’, explaining that realia such as locks of hair, toys, and inkwells, are often the unsolicited accompaniment to prized acquisitions of personal papers or book collections.
Some libraries prize their realia, actively preserving and exhibiting it while others simply keep it out of light and hope for the best.
Often, realia are seen as a nuisance, difficult not only to catalog, but to care for. Unlike books, which are mostly cellulose (paper, boards, natural fibers) and occasionally leather, realia are often the sum of many parts.

One exasperating group of items that might find their way into library collections are textiles and handcrafts: hair, needlework, digitizing clothing. 

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