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A Semi-annual Event Held Every February and September, New York Fashion Week is One of Four Major Fashion Weeks Held Throughout The World

 Most American fashion houses are based in New York City, with a high concentration centered in the Garment District neighborhood.

On the west coast, there are also a significant number of fashion houses in Los Angeles, where a substantial percentage of high fashion clothing manufactured in the United States is actually made. 
Beverly Hills, particularly on Rodeo Drive, is globally renowned for its fashion embroidery digitizing design and prestigious shopping.
Burgeoning industries in Miami, Chicago, Dallas, and especially San Francisco have developed as well.
Parsons The New School for digitizing Design, located in the Greenwich Villageneighborhood of Lower Manhattan in New York City, is considered as one of the top fashion schools in the world.
Marcia and Robert Ascher, after having analyzed several hundred quipus, have shown that most information on quipus is numeric, and these numbers can be read.
Each cluster of knots is a digit, and there are three main types of knots: simple overhand knots; "long knots", consisting of an overhand knot with one or more additionalturns; and figure-eight knots.
In the Aschers’ system, a fourth type of knot—figure-of-eight knot with an extra twist—is referred to as "EE".
A number is represented as a sequence of knot clusters in base 10.
·         Powers of ten are shown by position along the string, and this position is aligned between successive strands.
·         Digits in positions for 10 and higher powers are represented by clusters of simple knots (e.g., 40 is four simple knots in a row in the "tens" position).
·         Digits in the "ones" position are represented by long knots (e.g., 4 is a knot with four turns). Because of the way the knots are tied, the digit 1 cannot be shown this way and is represented in this position by a figure-of-eight knot.
·         Zero is represented by the absence of a knot in the appropriate position.
·         Because the ones digit is shown in a distinctive way, it is clear where a number ends. One strand on a quipu can therefore contain several numbers.
For example, if 4s represents four simple knots, 3L represents a long knot with three turns, E represents a figure-of-eight knot and X represents a space:
·         The number 731 would be represented by 7s, 3s, E.
·         The number 804 would be represented by 8s, X, 4L.
·         The number 107 followed by the number 51 would be represented by 1s, X, 7L, 5s, E.

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