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The Ring Was A Descendant of the Arkwright Water Frame 1769
The following periods were the Asuka (550 to 646 AD) and Nara (646 to 794 AD) when Japan developed a more unified government and began to use Chinese laws and social rankings.
These new laws required people to wear different styles and colors to indicate social status. Clothing became longer and wider in general and sewing methods were more advanced.
The mule was an intermittent process, as the frame advanced and returned a distance of 5ft.It was the descendant of 1779 Crompton device.
It produces a softer less twisted thread that was favoured for fines and for weft.
It was a continuous process, the yarn was coarser, had a greater twist and was stronger so was suited to be warp.
Ring spinning is slow due to the distance the embroidery digitizing thread must pass around the ring, other methods have been introduced.
Sewing thread, was made of several threads twisted together, or doubled.
The conservation and restoration of textiles refers to the processes by which textiles are cared for and maintained to bepreserved from future damage.
The field falls under the category of art conservation as well as library preservation, depending on the type of collection.
In this case, the concept of textile preservation applies to a wide range of artifacts, including tapestries, carpets, quilts,clothing, flags and curtains, as well as objects which ‘’contain’’ textiles, such as upholstered furniture, dolls, and accessories such as fans, parasols, gloves and hats or bonnets.
Many of these artifacts require specialized care, often by a professional digitizing conservator.
The goal of this article is to provide a general overview of the textile preservation process, and to serve as a jumping-off point for further research into more specialized care.
Always contact a professional conservator if you are unsure of how to proceed in the preservation process.


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