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Untailored Clothes, However Had No Particular Names

 Pandong, a lady'scloak, simply meant any natural covering, like the growth on banana trunk’s or a natal caul.

In Panay, the word kurong, meaning curly hair, was applied to any short digitizing skirt or blouse; and some better ones made of imported chintz or calico were simply called by the name of the cloth itself, tabas.
So, too, the wraparound skirt the Tagalogs called tapis was hardly considered a skirt at all: Visayans just called it habul (woven stuff) or halong (abaca) or even hulun (sash).
Cotton Counts: The number of pieces of thread, 840 yards long needed to make up 1 lb weight. 10 count cotton means that 10x840 yd weighs 1 lb.
This is coarser than 40 count cotton where 40x840 yards are needed.
In the United Kingdom, Counts to 40s are coarse (Oldham Counts), 40 to 80s are medium counts and above 80 is a fine count.
In the United States ones to 20s are coarse counts.
Hank: A length of 7 leas or 840 yards
Thread: A length of 54 in (the circumference of a warp beam)
Bundle: Usually 10 lb
Lea: A length of 80 threads or 120 yards
Denier: this is an alternative method. It is defined as a number that is equivalent to the weight in grams of 9000m of a single yarn. 15 denier is finer than 30 denier.
Tex: is the weight in grams of 1 km of yarn.
The worsted hank is only 560 yd
The chief cause for decay in textiles is almost always the environment in which they are stored.
Light, temperature, and humidity can all contribute to a textile’s health or deterioration, depending on their intensity.
Additionally, pests, chemicals, and pollutants may also cause damage to an antique fabric.
Airborne chemicals, such as smog or cigarette smoke are also harmful to the embroidery digitizing textiles, and should be avoided if at all possible: high-efficiency air filters should be installed throughout the building to reduce the presence of airborne chemicals that may stain, discolor, or weaken fabrics.

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