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Women Wore the Draped Stola or an Ankle-length Tunic, With a Shawl-like Palla as an Outer Garment
The toga of ancient Rome was also an unsewn length of wool cloth, worn by male citizens draped around the body in various fashions, over a simple tunic. Early tunics were two simple rectangles joined at the shoulders and sides; later tunics had sewn sleeves.
Wool was the preferred fabric, although linen,hemp, and small amounts of expensive imported silk and cotton were also worn.
At this point, the embroidery digitizing thread is woven. Depending on the era, one person could manage anywhere from 3 to 100 machines.
In the mid nineteenth century, four was the standard number.
A skilled weaver in 1925 would run 6 Lancashire Looms.
As time progressed new mechanisms were added that stopped the loom any time something went wrong.
The mechanisms checked for such things as a broken warp digitizing thread, broken weft thread, the shuttle going straight across, and if the shuttle was empty.
Forty of these Northrop Looms or automatic looms could be operated by one skilled worker.
In the case of particularly delicate textiles, display organizers might consider motion-activated or timed lighting, or lighting controlled though a visitor-activated switch, which would allow the textiles to remain in darkness when they are not under view. 
All textiles should be displayed on a rotating schedule, allowing them a few months of display, then the rest of the year in dark storage, to prolong their life.


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