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The Iron Age is Broadly Identified As Stretching from the End of the Bronze Age Around 1200 BC to 500 AD and the Beginning of the Medieval Period

 Bodies and clothing have been found from this period, preserved by the anaerobic and acidic conditions of peat bogs in northwestern Europe.

A Danish recreation of clothing found with such bodies indicates woven wool dresses, tunics and skirts. 
These were largely unshaped and held in place with leather belts and metal brooches or pins.
Garments were not always plain, but incorporated decoration with contrasting colours, particularly at the ends and edges of the garment.
Men wore breeches, possibly with lower legs wrapped for protection, although Boucher states that long trousers have also been found. 
Warmth came from embroidery digitizing woollen shawls and capes of animal skin, probably worn with the fur facing inwards for added comfort.
Caps were worn, also made from skins, and there was an emphasis on hair arrangements, from braids to elaborateSuebian knots. 
Soft laced shoes made from leather protected the foot.
The Lancashire Loom was the first semi-automatic loom. 
Jacquard looms and Dobby looms are looms that have sophisticated methods of shedding.
They may be separate looms, or mechanisms added to a plain loom.
A Northrop Loom was fully automatic and was mass produced between 1909 and the mid-1960s.
Modern looms run faster and do not use a shuttle: there are air jet looms, water jet looms and rapier looms.
Heat and humidity can both contribute and a textile’s digitizing deterioration.
However, excessive dryness may also cause damage, especially to elastic fibers, such as wool, which rely on some amount of moisture to maintain their flexibility (Putnam and Finch).
Additionally, temperature and humidity should be kept as constant as possible; changes in either of these may cause the textile fibers to expand and contract, which, over time, can also cause damage and deterioration to the textile.
For this reason, both storage and display areas should be fitted withmonitoring equipment to gauge the temperature and humidity of rooms, display cases, enclosed storage facilities, and work areas.

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