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The Byzantines Made and Exported Very Richly Patterned Cloth, Woven and Embroidered for the Upper Classes, and Resist-dyed and Printed for the Lower

 By Justinian's time the Roman toga had been replaced by the tunica, or long chiton, for both sexes, over which the upper classes wore various other garments, like a dalmatica(dalmatic), a heavier and shorter type of tunica; short and long cloaks were fastened on the right shoulder.

Leggings and hose were often worn, but are not prominent in depictions of the wealthy; they were associated with barbarians, whether European or Persian.
Knitting by machine is done in two different ways; warp and weft. Weft knitting (as seen in the pictures) is similar in method to hand knitting with stitches all connected to each other horizontally.
Various weft embroidery digitizing machines can be configured to produce textiles from a single spool of yarn or multiple spools depending on the size of the machine cylinder (where the needles are bedded). In a warp knit there are many pieces of yarn and there are vertical chains, zigzagged together by crossing the yarn. Cotton
Warp knits do not stretch as much as a weft knit, and it is run-resistant.
A weft knit is not run-resistant, but stretches more.
This is especially true if spools of spandex are processed from separate spool containers and interwoven through the cylinder with cotton yarn, giving the finished product more flexibility and making it less prone to having a 'baggy' appearance.
The average t-shirt is a weft knit.
As for humidity, the preservationist or conservator should aim for a relative humidity of 50%, though, as with temperature, some small fluctuation is allowable, as long as it occurs gradually (Mailand).
 In enclosed display or storage cases, humidity can be somewhat maintained through the use of silica gel crystals.
These crystals should not be placed in contact with the digitizing textiles, but may be placed in breathable muslin bags and hung inside the case to maintain a constant humidity; they should be monitored periodically, however, to be sure that they are working.

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