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Crusaders Returning from the Levant Brought Knowledge of its Fine Textiles, Including Light Silks, to Western Europe

 In Northern Europe, silk was an imported and very expensive luxury.

The well-off could afford woven brocades from Italy or even further afield.
Fashionable Italian silks of this period featured repeating patterns of roundels and animals, deriving from Ottoman silk-weaving centres in Bursa, and ultimately from Yuan Dynasty China via the Silk Road.
A further possibility is mercerizing during which the digitizing fabric is treated with caustic soda solution to cause swelling of the fibres.
This results in improved lustre, strength and dye affinity.
Cotton is mercerized under tension, and all alkali must be washed out before the tension is released or shrinkagewill take place.
Mercerizing can take place directly on grey cloth, or after bleaching.Rodent infestations can be identified in the usual ways, such as seeing droppings, nests, or comparatively large chewed areas of textile where they have caused damage.
In all cases, chemical means of pest control should be avoided if possible, not only due to harm to humans who come in contact with them, but because the chemicals may cause damage to the very embroidery digitizing textiles the conservator is trying to save.
For rodents, snap traps may be effective, and if needed, a professional exterminator should be called.
Poison baited traps should be avoided, as the rodent could die somewhere inaccessible, and provide a breeding ground for further pests. 
Also, in the case of a rodent infestation, all access points to the room (such as cracks or holes) through which they might be entering should be located and sealed if possible.

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