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Cultural and Costume Historians Agree that the Mid-14th Century Marks the Emergence of Recognizable "Fashion" in Europe

 From this century onwards, Western fashion digitizing changed at a pace quite unknown to other civilizations, whether ancient or contemporary. 

In most other cultures, only major political changes, such as the Muslim conquest of India, produced radical changes in embroidery digitizing clothing, and in China, Japan, and the Ottoman Empire fashion changed only slightly over periods of several centuries.
Singeing is designed to burn off the surface fibres from the fabric to produce smoothness.
The fabric passes over brushes to raise the fibres, then passes over a plate heated by gas flames.
Another finishing process is raising.
During raising, the fabric surface is treated with sharp teeth to lift the surface fibres, thereby imparting hairiness, softness and warmth, as in flannelette.
Calendering is the third important mechanical process, in which the fabric is passed between heated rollers to generate smooth, polished or embossed effects depending on roller surface properties and relative speeds.
Finally, mechanical shrinking (sometimes referred to as sanforizing), whereby the fabric is forced to shrink width and/or lengthwise, creates a fabric in which any residual tendency to shrink after subsequent laundering is minimal.
Finally, cotton is an absorbent fibre which responds readily to colouration processes.
Dyeing, for instance, is commonly carried out with an anionic direct dye by completely immersing the fabric (or yarn) in an aqueous dyebath according to a prescribed procedure.
For improved fastness to washing, rubbing and light, other dyes such as vats and reactives are commonly used.
These require more complex chemistry during processing and are thus more expensive to apply.
For insects, keeping clean storage, display, and work environment is the best method of prevention.
Also, sticky traps (replaced often) around doors, windows, and display cases may be useful for monitoring the insect population.
Furthermore, the population of carnivorous insects, such as spiders, should be observed.
While such insects are not harmful to textiles by themselves, they may indicate another population of insects which are.

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