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Printing Designs onto already Dyed Fabric is also Possible
In this period, the draped garments and straight seams of previous centuries were replaced by curved seams and the beginnings of tailoring, which allowed clothing to more closely fit the human form, as did the use of lacing and buttons. 
A fashion for mi-parti or parti-coloured garments made of two contrasting digitizing fabrics, one on each side, arose for men in mid-century, and was especially popular at the English court.
Sometimes just the hose would be different colours on each leg.
Printing, on the other hand, is the application of colour in the form of a paste or ink to the surface of a fabric, in a predetermined embroidery digitizing pattern.
It may be considered as localised dyeing.
The growth of cotton is divided into two segments i.e. organic and genetically modified.
Cotton crop provides livelihood to millions of people but its production is becoming expensive because of high water consumption, use of expensive pesticides, insecticides and fertiliser.
Genetically Modified products aim to increase disease resistance and reduce the water required. The organic sector was worth $583 million.
Genetically Modified cotton, in 2007, occupied 43% of cotton growing areas.
If the infestation can be limited to one or a few pieces, the insects may be killed through freezing of the object.
The textile should be wrapped in plastic and vacuum-sealed, then brought to a freezing temperature as quickly as possible, to prevent the insects from adjusting to the cold.
The object may be left frozen for several days, but should be brought slowly back up to room temperature to avoid further damage.

Note that while this method should kill adults, it may not destroy any eggs that are present. 

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