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National Variations in Clothing Increased Over the Century
As prosperity grew in the 15th century, the urban middle classes, including skilled workers, began to wear more complex clothes that followed, at a distance, the fashions set by the elites.
The consumption of energy in form of water and electricity is relatively high, especially in processes like washing, de-sizing, bleaching, rinsing, dyeing, printing, coating and finishing. Processing is time consuming.
The major portion of water in digitizing textile industry is used for wet processing of textile (70 per cent). Approximately 25 per cent of energy in the total textile production like fibre production, spinning, twisting, weaving, knitting, clothing manufacturing etc. is used in dyeing.
About 34 per cent of energy is consumed in spinning, 23 per cent in weaving, 38 per cent in chemical wet processing and five per cent in miscellaneous processes.
Power dominates consumption pattern in spinning and weaving, while thermal energy is the major factor for chemical wet processing.
In some cases, the embroidery digitizing textiles are weakened not by outside causes such as light or pests, but by chemical reactions taking place within the fabric itself, such as the oxidation of iron-based mordants over time, which can cause darkening and discolouration in the surrounding fibres.
One example which is cited frequently throughout the literature is the case of “shattered silk.” During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, many silk manufacturers treated their fabrics with metallicsalts (usually containing tin and iron) to give them a heavier, more luxurious feel.
However, as these fabrics have aged, the metals in the fibres have accelerated their decay and caused them to become extremely brittle.
The shredded or “shattered” effect this causes is the reason for the name.

In this case, the environment of the textile contributes very little to the deterioration from the metallic salts, though exposure to light may accelerate it even further. 

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