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Lacemaking Centers were Established in France to Reduce the Outflow of Cash to Italy
By the turn of the 17th century, a sharp distinction could be seen between the sober fashions favored by Protestants in England and the Netherlands, which still showed heavy Spanish influence, and the light, revealing fashions of the French and Italian courts.
The great flowering of needlelace occurred in this period.
Geometric reticella deriving from cutwork was elaborated into true needlelace or punto in aria (called in England "point lace"), which reflected the scrolling floral designs popular for embroidery.
According to Dr. Wolf D. Fuhrig, "By the second half of the 17th century, Silesia had become an important economic pillar of the Habsburg monarchy, largely on the strength of its textile industry."
Wool comes from domesticated sheep.
It forms two products, woolens and worsteds.
The sheep has two sorts of wool and it is the inner coat that is used.
This can be mixed with wool that has been recovered from rags.
Shoddy is the term for recovered wool that is not matted, while mungo comes from felted wool. Extract is recovered chemically from mixed cotton/wool fabrics.
It goes without saying that fragile and/or valuable digitizing textiles should be handled with care, and as little as necessary in any given circumstance.
However, should handling be necessary, there are precautions which can be taken to ensure the safety of the textile.
Because our hands contain oils and acids in the skin, clean cloth gloves should be worn when handling embroidery digitizing textiles.
If gloves are unavailable, then frequent hand-washing should be undertaken to ensure that no damage is caused.
For similar reasons, the working, display, and storage areas should be free of food, drink, and cigarette smoke, which can also stain or damage the fabric.

Finally, to avoid ink stains, only pencils should be used for writing or sketching in the work space. 

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