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Connecting Letters I
We will publish some documents in the near future to tell digitizers how to conncet letters and use auto-trimming factor on embroidery machine.

Cost Factors


Embroiderers are a strange breed. When presented with a finished piece of embroidery that was sewn by someone else, the typical sewer does two distinctive things.

The first is to turn it over and look at the back. What difference does it make how the back looks, if the front looks great and the stitches are secure? The second impulsive act is to see if any threads were left between letters (on the front). It’s amazing that you can have the most awesome embroidery every created, yet if one or two threads are visible between letters, the work is seen as flawed. Oh well…

Unfortunately, it’s not just the keen eyes of a seasoned embroiderer that can spot a thread left between two letters; customers are notorious for zeroing in on this aspect as well. Ideally, you would never leave any thread between letters, but this is not always possible. For starters, a long line of text would incur a tremendous amount of automatic trims if we let the machine take care of it and automatic thread trims cost money as they add time to production. Consider this: if your machine is sewing at an average speed of 600spm (stitches per minute) that equals 10sps (stitches per second). For many embroidery machines, the automatic thread trim function can take up to 5 seconds to perform. (You’ll have to time it to find out what your machine’s trim time really is.) Do the math and you will find that one thread trim equals about 50 stitches of lost production time. Said another way, each trim adds 50 stitches to the design.

So now maybe you’ve decided to forget about using the automatic trimmers and turn your attention towards “hand-trimming” the threads between letters. This may not be the best solution either. There are three factors to consider when hand-trimming:

1. It’s very easy to snip a hole in the garment.
2. Some threads are very hard to reach, thus it can take longer to do it by hand than by using the machine. (The cost factor is still there.)
3. If the letters don’t have lock stitches before and after the connecting threads, trimming may lead to unraveling in the long term.

Thus, special attention must be paid by digitizers to how letters are connected, if connected at all.

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