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    We will give you the lowdown on the different synthetic and eco-friendly fabrics, and a short list of apparel suppliers’ own unique terms to describe their garments’ particular performance attributes. Please read the embroidery glossary carefully.
The process used to create schiffli laces. The base fabric is dissolved, leaving the threads that have been stitched together to form the lace.
A treatment applied to the garment to prevent pilling, or the formation of little balls of fabric due to wear.
1) Decoration or trim cut from one piece of fabric and stitched to another to add dimension and texture. If appliqué occupies a significant amount of the design, the stitch count is lower.
2) In schiffli embroidery, an embroidered motif, hand cut or aetzed away from the base fabric.
Automatic Color Change:
The ability of a multi-needle commercial embroidery machine to follow a command to change to another specified needle with a different thread color.

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