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Geflect Stitch
: See Fill Stitch.
Small holes that allow for air circulation and ventilation, usually found underarm or in the back neck of garments.
The way the fabric feels when its touched. Terms like softness, crispness, dryness and silkiness are all used to describe the hand of the fabric.
Heirloom Embroidery:
Embroidered goods designed to be passed down from generation to generation.
Holds the bobbin case in the machine and plays a vital role in stitch formation. Making two complete rotations for each stitch, its point meets a loop of top thread at a precisely timed moment and distance (gap) to form a stitch.
Device made from wood, plastic or steel with which fabric is gripped tightly between an inner ring and an outer ring. The hoop is attached to the machines pantograph. Machine hoops are designed to push the fabric to the bottom of the inner ring and hold it against the machine bed for embroidering.
Hooping Device:
Device that aids in hooping garments or items for embroidery. Especially helpful for hooping multilayered items and for uniformly hooping multiple items.
Jump Stitch:
Movement of the pantograph and rotation of the sewing head without the needle going down. Used to move from one point in a
The use of threads alone to produce a designed fabric. Most often used to embellish womens apparel and home fashions.
Embroidery using letters or words. Lettering, commonly called keyboard lettering, may be created using an embroidery lettering program on a PC or from circuit boards that allow a variance of letter styles, sizes, heights, densities and other characteristics.embroidery digitizing
Lock Stitch:
Commonly referred to as a lock-down or tack-down stitch, a lock stitch is formed by three or four consecutive stitches of at least a 10-point movement. It should be used at the end of any element in your design where jump stitches will follow, such as color change or the end of a design. May be stitched in a triangle, star or in a straight line. Also the name of the type of stitch formed by the hook and needle of home sewing machines, as well as computerized embroidery machines.
Name, symbol or trademark of a company or organization. Short for logotype.
Loops on the surface of embroidery, generally caused by poor tension or tension problems. Typically occurs when polyester top thread has been improperly tensioned.

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