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Stitches per inch; system for measuring density or the number of satin stitches in an inch of embroidery.
Stitches per minute; system for measuring the running speed of an embroidery machine.
Satin Stitch:
Formed by closely arranged zigzag stitches. Can be laid down at any angle and with varying stitch lengths. Adapted from the blatt stitch, used in schiffli embroidery. Also see Blatt Stitch.
Ability within one design program to enlarge or reduce a design. In expanded format, most scaling is limited to 10% to 20%, because the stitch count remains constant despite the final design size. In condensed or outline formats, scale changes may be more dramatic, because stitch count and density may be varied.
Scanners convert embroidery designs into a computer format, allowing the embroidery digitizer to use even the most primitive artwork without recreating the design. Many digitizing systems allow the embroidery digitizer to transfer the design directly into the digitizing program without using intermediary software.
Schiffli Machine:
A commercial embroidery machine that utilizes the combination of needle and shuttle to form a stitch. Massive in size and excellent for emblem production, the creation of lace, embroidery production on oversized items and production orders of extremely large quantities.
Short Stitch:
A digitizing technique that places shorter stitches in curves and corners to avoid an unnecessarily bulky buildup of stitches.
Silk Screening:
Also known as screen printing, its a photographic process that transfers artwork onto a porous nylon screen, which allows a custom color ink to flow onto the garment.
Part of the garment that covers part of or the entire arm.
Specialty Fill:
A fill which features a relief or motif design within the selected fill area.
The property of a bonded fabric that prevents sagging, slipping or stretching. This is conducive to ease of handling in manufacturing, and helps the fabric to keep its shape in wear, dry cleaning and washing.
Stain Release:
Allows fabric to release soiling and stains upon washing.
Stain Repellent:
Fabric dipped in a chemical bath that adds a concentration of compound, such as Teflon, that repels stains.
Steil Stitch:
See Column Stitch.
Stitch Count:
The total number of stitches in a particular design.
Stitch Editing:
Digitizing feature that allows one or more stitches in a pattern to be deleted or altered.
Stitch Lengths:
A variable setting for all stitch types run, satin and fill.
Stitch Type:
A wide variety of stitches are available, but in actuality, there are two basic stitch types the run and satin stitch. All other types are a variation of these two.

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