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A form of 3-D embroidery. An area is stitched to create a pocket between the fabric and backing, which is then stuffed from the back with some type of fluffy filling.
Operation in the finishing process that involves trimming the reverse and top sides of the embroidery, including jump stitches and backing.
A fine net of acetate, nylon, rayon or silk used for the embroidery of imitation laces.
Stitches laid down before other design elements to help stabilize stretchy fabrics and to tack down high wales or naps on fabrics, so the designs details dont get lost. May also be used to create such effects as crowned, flat or raised areas in the embroidery, depending on how they are laid down.
Variable Sizing:
Ability to scale a design to different sizes.
Sample sewout of a new embroidery design to make sure the pattern is correct.
Walk Stitch:
See Run Stitch.
Water Repellent:
Ability of a fabric to resist penetration by water under certain conditions. Various types of tests are used, and these are conducted on samples before and after subjection to standard washing and dry cleaning tests.
Water Resistant:
Fabric treated chemically to resist water. Not to be confused with water repellent.
A garment thats seam-sealed and able to withstand a specific amount of water pressure, keeping the wearer completely dry by blocking water from coming in.
A strip of material seamed to a pocket opening as a finishing as well as a strengthening device; a covered cord or ornamental strip sewn on a border or along a seam.
The ability of a fiber or fabric to disperse moisture and allow it to pass through to the surface of the fabric, so that evaporation can take place.
Wrinkle Resistant:
The application of resin to fabric which is then heated to extremely high temperatures to cure garments and make them hold their shape without wrinkling.
Yoke Back:
A piece of fabric that connects the back of a garment to the shoulders. This allows the garment to lie flat.
Zigzag Machine:
A machine that features a needle that swings left and right, laying down the stitches in a zigzag pattern. Offers high-speed sewing. Ideal for monogramming and personalization.
Zigzag Stitch:
Stitches that go from one side of an area to be sewn, diagonally to the other side. Diagonals may be placed closely together to form a satin stitch.

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