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The History and Modern Development of Embroidery
Many female in ancient have to study embroidery which is a basic skill to comment if she can marry a rich family or feed up herself.
Most people associate embroidery with a boring way to fill up a housewife's daily life. Embroidery has not only a long history. Different cultures formed different embroidery types. The styles of embroidery, which different nations invented, were passed on generations to generations and many of them have survived till nowadays.

We know of the embroidery work practiced by the ancient Egyptians. Also famous is the "raised" embroidery, practiced in the 16th century. It is better known as the Elizabethan embroidery. Still popular today is the Western European embroidery called crewel. Nowadays, embroidery has developed so far, that even the clumsiest novice can try and stitch something beautiful by using computer software or high-tech sewing machines.
Embroidery just might be the domain of your grandmother, but it still had plenty of people who are interested in getting started in embroidery. As far back as Egyptian and Hebrew times individuals decorated their clothing with rich embroidery. The internet has allowed hobbyists and professionals from all over the world to mingle and discuss their latest embroidery projects. There are dozens of custom embroidery websites and people are always looking for free embroidery designs and embroidery digitizing.
In fact, A Google search for the term "embroidery" shows more than 126 million merchants advertising their embroidery related products. If you like embroidery, there are a lot of online resources for you to explore.
Tough the embroidery industry is developing day by day and more and more mechanized. But in China, more and more people like make cross-stitch in spare time. After finish, they can sell their handiwork at a higher price.


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