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Vietnam textile industry
On the other hand, Vietnam textile industry still meets abundant number of obstacles in raw materials and weaving step.
Cotton is one of raw materials to produce natural fibers, however the percentage of cotton production plunged by about 71% from 2010/2011 to 2014/2015.
Thus, domestic production satisfies just 0.2% demand, of which fabric product meets only 15-16%, resulting in the fact that Vietnam virtually relies on import sector.
Further, extensive analysis and forecasts are contained for the period 2016 until 2020.
The report also points urgent goals of Vietnam and compares the economic situation of leading enterprises in domestic apparel market between 2013 and 2014.
The Spring-Summer collection consists of handcrafted garments with unique silhouettes and eclectic jewellery. Neetu Gupta says, “The feel we are going for with our designs is of classy yet comfortable clothing.
The designers have played around with khadi, linen and other material to come up with outfits that are relaxed and breathable.
These designs are also edgy, which isn’t something Bangalore has seen much of. Each item is a statement piece without being showy.”
"South Asia needs to create jobs in labor-intensive industries where it enjoys a comparative advantage — such as apparel — to employ its burgeoning youth and attract more women into the workforce," the report released on Thursday said.

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