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Researchers in Scientific Labs Have Been Developing Prototypes for Fabrics

There exists a diverse range of styles in fashion, varying by geography, exposure to modern media, economic conditions, and ranging from expensivehaute couture to traditional garb, to thrift store grunge.

The world of clothing is always changing, as new cultural influences meet technological innovations.
Researchers in scientific labs have been developing prototypes for fabrics that can serve functional purposes well beyond their traditional roles, for example, clothes that can automatically adjust their temperature, repel bullets, project images, and generate electricity.
Some practical advances already available to consumers are bullet-resistant garments made withkevlar and stain-resistant fabrics that are coated with chemical mixtures that reduce the absorption of liquids.
It also remains a key destination for contractors, a market where Amazon has yet to make inroads, Rosenblum says.
Unlike clothing, home improvement stores are also in an unusual position to reap the benefits of a growing housing market, says Professor Ellickson.
Rival Lowe’s is set to release its own earnings on Wednesday.
With online retailers unlikely to capture much of a market dominated by physical stores, technological changes don’t play as much of a role with home improvement sales as in other industries.

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