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In All Applications Stringent Performance Requirements Must be Met
Textiles for industrial purposes, and chosen for characteristics other than their appearance, are commonly referred to as technical textiles. 
Technical textiles include textile structures for automotive applications, medical textiles (e.g. implants), geotextiles (reinforcement of embankments), agrotextiles (textiles for crop protection), protective clothing (e.g. against heat and radiation for fire fighter embroidery digitizing clothing, against molten metals for welders, stab protection, and bullet proof vests).
In all these applications stringent performance requirements must be met.
Woven of threads coated with zinc oxide nanowires, laboratory fabric has been shown capable of "self-powering nanosystems" using vibrations created by everyday actions like wind or body movements.
The Bangladesh textile industry is the most important industrial sector as more than 83% of export earnings comes from this sector.
Equipping the textile industry with qualified manpower with updated digitizing technical knowledge, expertise and skill is essential in building the appropriate backward linkages at the shortest possible time to face the challenges of quota-free post-MFA period.
In the devastating famine in 1974, one million people died, mainly of starvation caused in part by the flooding of the Brahmaputra river in 1974, and a steep rise in the price of rice.
Partly in response to the economic and political repercussions of the famine, the Bangladesh government shifted public policy away from its concentration on a socialist economy, and began to denationalize, disinvest and reduce the role of the public sector in the textile industry while encouraging private sector participation.
The 1974 New Investment Policy restored the rights to both private and foreign investors. 
Bangladesh's development model switched from a state-sponsored capitalist mode of industrial development with mainly state-owned enterprises (SOE) to private sector-led industrial growth.

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