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Wool is Commonly Used for Warm Clothing

 Animal textiles are commonly made from hair, fur, skin or silk (in the silkworms case).

Wool refers to the hair of the domestic goat or sheep, which is distinguished from other types of animal hair in that the individual strands are coated with scales and tightly crimped, and the wool as a whole is coated with a wax mixture known as lanolin (sometimes called wool grease), which is waterproof and dirtproof. 
Woollen refers to a bulkier yarn produced from carded, non-parallel fibre, while worsted refers to a finer yarn spun from longer fibres which have been combed to be parallel.
Wool is commonly used for warm digitizing clothing. 
Cashmere, the hair of the Indian Cashmere goat, and mohair, the hair of the North African Angora goat, are types of wool known for their softness.
With the facilities and infrastructure, the academic program was started in three faculties and six departments.
On the other hand, a development project had been undertaken to upgrade the College of Textile Engineering & Technology to Bangladesh University of Textiles by enhancing the physical facilities of the institution.
Starting in 1974 the Multi Fibre Arrangement (MFA) in the North American market ensured that trade in textiles and garments remained the most regulated in the world. 
Among other things the MFA set quotas on garments exports from the newly industrialising countries of Asia. Entrepreneurs from quota-restricted countries like South Korea began "quota hopping" seeking quota-free countries that could become quota-free embroidery digitizing manufacturing sites.
The export-oriented readymade garment (RMG) industry emerged at this time. 
Daewoo of South Korea was an early entrant in Bangladesh, when it established a joint venture in December 27, 1977 with Desh Garments Ltd. making it the first export oriented ready-made garment industry in Bangladesh. 
After only one year in which 130 Desh supervisors and managers received free training from Daiwoo in production and marketing at Daiwoo's state-of-the-art ready-made garment (RMG) plant in Korea, 115 of the 130 left Desh Garments Ltd. and set up separate private garment export firms or began working for other newly formed export-oriented RMG companies with new garment factories in Bangladesh for much higher salaries than Desh Garments Ltd offered.

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