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Technical Documents
Professional technical documents about embroidery digitizing.
  • In 1985, Inventor Harry Wainwright Created the First Fully Animated Sweatshirt
  • The Prince'scapotain Hat is Made of Felt Using the most Basic of Textile Techniques
  • The Basic Materials Needed to Construct E-textiles, Conductive Threads and Fabrics have been around for over 1000 years
  • Furthermore, E-textiles Need not be Wearable
  • The Simplest Textile Art is Felting, in which Animal Fibers are Matted Together Using Heat and Moisture
  • A Custom Clothier Makes Custom-made Garments to Order, for A Given Customer
  • A Textile Designer Designs Fabric Weaves and Prints for Clothes and Furnishings
  • A Fashion Designer Conceives Garment Combinations of Line, Proportion, Color, and Texture
  • All Textiles React Negatively to Air Pollution, Light, Extremes of Temperature, and Humidity
  • Cotton Can Be Stored in Temperatures Well above 100 Degrees and Still Remain Chemically and Physically Stable
  • Some Have Argued that Far More Than Numeric Information is Present and That Quipua are a Writing System
  • American Fashion Design is Dominated by A Clean-cut, Urban, Casual Style; Reflecting the Athletic, Health-conscious Lifestyles of Urban City-dwellers
  • A Semi-annual Event Held Every February and September, New York Fashion Week is One of Four Major Fashion Weeks Held Throughout The World
  • In the Text of These Documents, Cumis States that there are Quipus Which Accounted for Uses Other than Accounting
  • Little Research has been Conducted Regarding the Preservation and Conservation of Human Hair Within the Context of the Archival World
  • Clothes are Made in Small Quantities to Guarantee Exclusivity, So They are Rather Expensive
  • Special Cataloguing Rules are an Available to Describe These Objects
  • Most Information Recorded on the Quipus Consists of Numbers in a Decimal System
  • Most Government or Institutional Archives Reject Gifts of Non-documentary Objects Unless They Have a Documentary Value
  • Fashion Design is the Art of Application of Design and Aesthetics or Natural Beauty to Clothing and Accessories
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