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Professional technical documents about embroidery digitizing.
  • The Overall Tone of the Textile and Fiber Arts Today Sounds Usually Similar to Feminist Theory and Strategy When Ann Newdigate states
  • In the Subversive Stitch: Embroidery and the Making of the Feminine, Kate Walker is Quoted Saying that She Has
  • Clothing Technology Involves The Manufacturing, Materials, and Design Innovations That Have Been Developed and Used
  • Stölzl Became the Weaving Master in 1925 When Bauhaus Relocated to Dessau
  • Eddie Squires Was The Chief Designer of Warner Fabrics
  • The Empowering Implications Spread Beyond European Textile Artists and Affected Curators, Teachers, and Art Administrators in a Much Wider Western Context
  • Bangladesh was The Sixth Largest Exporter of Apparel in the World after China, the EU, Hong Kong, Turkey and India in 2006
  • Parker has Published Books on Art History and Psychotherapy, and Uses Theories from both Fields in Her Analysis of "Women's Work"
  • Strict Adherence to Democratic Norms and Code of Conduct are being Maintained in the BGMEA Elections
  • Patterns are often Designed in Repeat to Maintain A Balanced Design Even When Fabric is Made into Yardage
  • Sewing was Portrayed as A Way to be A Good Mother and An Attractive and Thrifty Wife
  • On April 24, 2013 over 1045 Textile Workers Factories Making Clothes for Western Brands Were Killed When a Garment Factory Collapsed
  • A Fire Broke out on 24 November 2012, in the Tazreen Fashion Factory in Dhaka killing 117 People and Injuring 200
  • Textile Design is Essentially the Process of Creating Designs for Woven, Knitted or Printed Fabrics or Surface Ornamented Fabrics
  • At the Same Time Period in the Middle East, Fiber Artists did not Make Tapestry or Wall Hanging Weavings, but instead Created Beautifully Crafted Rugs
  • The More Intricate The Weaving, The Higher The Status
  • Modern Fiber Art Takes Its Context from the Textile Arts, Which Have been Practiced Globally for Millennia
  • Classic Maya Clothing Displays Its Full Variety in the Context of Religious Performance
  • The Hair sash is Often the Only Part of the Traditional Outfit that is Still Locally Woven by Women on a Backstrap Loom
  • Exports of Textiles, Clothing, and Ready-Made Garments (RMG) Accounted for 77% of Bangladesh’s Total Merchandise Exports in 2002
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