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Professional technical documents about embroidery digitizing.
  • Top Tips for Successful Special Occasion Embroidery
  • Tips For Using Puffy Foam
  • Different Stitches Patterns
  • As the Decades Progressed, Fewer and Fewer Occasions Called for Full Dress Which Had All But Disappeared by the End of the Century
  • Lacemaking Centers were Established in France to Reduce the Outflow of Cash to Italy
  • Black was Increasingly Worn for the most Formal Occasions
  • National Variations in Clothing Increased Over the Century
  • Wool Remained the most Popular Fabric for all Classes, Followed by Linen and Hemp
  • Printing Designs onto already Dyed Fabric is also Possible
  • Cultural and Costume Historians Agree that the Mid-14th Century Marks the Emergence of Recognizable "Fashion" in Europe
  • Crusaders Returning from the Levant Brought Knowledge of its Fine Textiles, Including Light Silks, to Western Europe
  • The 13th Century Saw Great Progress in the Dyeing and Working of Wool, Which Was by far the Most Important Material for Outerwear
  • Scouring is Usually Carried in Iron Vessels Called Kiers
  • European Dress Changed Gradually in the Years 400 to 1100
  • The Byzantines Made and Exported Very Richly Patterned Cloth, Woven and Embroidered for the Upper Classes, and Resist-dyed and Printed for the Lower
  • The Iron Age is Broadly Identified As Stretching from the End of the Bronze Age Around 1200 BC to 500 AD and the Beginning of the Medieval Period
  • Women Wore the Draped Stola or an Ankle-length Tunic, With a Shawl-like Palla as an Outer Garment
  • Dress in Classical Antiquity Favored Wide, Unsewn Lengths of Fabric, Pinned and Draped to the Body in Various Ways
  • Racks of Bobbins are Set Up To Hold the Thread While It Is Rolled Onto the Warp Bar of a Loom
  • The Usual Male Headdress Was the Pudong, A Turban, Though in Panay Both Men and Women also Wore a Head Cloth or Bandana Called Saplung
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